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We are the Leaders in Self defense for a reason: OUR STYLE WORKS!

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  • Love everything about World Martial Arts and the people who teach here!                       Rachelle Brady

  • After 28 plus years in Law Enforcement this style of Unarmed Defensive Tactics is what should be taught to all the recruits who enter Law Enforcement. Enjoyed this training a lot, Rangers Lead the Way Hooah!     Officer Kenneth McGill
  • This is a amazing school…..for the martial arts enthusiast, and/or someone seeking defense…..for real life threatening situations…..I could write a paragraph on the value of the classes for my family, but you just need to come experience it for yourself. Thank you to everyone at “World Martial Arts”.       Caleb Bulloch
  • One big GREAT family describes World Martial Arts!! Kids LOVE it, parents love it, very proud to be a part of this family : )     Rob Becker

At WORLD MARTIAL ARTS you will learn the difference between Art, Sport and Self Defense. knowing how to categorize your training takes all three to a whole new level. You are sure to find what you are looking for at World Martial Arts and we would be honored to have you on our team!

  • 25 PLUS Years in the Making, JIN FONG DO Literally Means: “The Way of Truth in Defense”

  • JIN FONG DO is the most Complete, Comprehensive and Innovative art you will find, and is NEVER limited or BOUND by rules, tradition, styles, popularity or organizations.

JEET KUNE DO – KRAV MAGA – HAPKIDO – More than just blending the arts

  • JIN FONG DO follows its trademarked building process, Chain of Command in Motion. This creates specific attributes for; Ranges of Defense, Combative Flow, Failure Recovery, Weapons Recognition and Awareness, as well as Individual Needs.

WORLD Martial Arts is all about what works in Real world situations not a sporting event. While cultivating a righteous warrior spirit is priority one, it is equally important that our physical skills function in real life situations.

  • Professional, not a wasted minute. 16 years in Military, 2 tours w/Spec Ops- This was the best self defense course I’ve taken.               G.K. Air Force S.E.R.E Specialist
  • The instructor is passionate about what he teaches and shows he cares about you and your progress. Ken Clark

YES there is something new under the sun and its name is, JIN FONG DO

From Little Dragons to Assaults Defense Systems, we got you covered!

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ASSAULTS Defense Systems classes are for Adults only, any one under 18 must be improved by the instructor.

Thank you for visiting, we are Committed to teaching at the Highest quality and dedicated to what we do.

SPECIAL Thanks to the late Bruce Lee and his art of JEET KUNE DO, I would not be the martial artist I am today without it.

V/R Gregg Loney 

Founder and Proud trainer to our Elite Forces, Law Enforcement and First Responders


  • Gregg Worked with Soldiers in my unit and taught them the essential skills they needed to enhance their effectiveness during their combat deployment in the  Middle East. The techniques he taught were simple to learn and devastating when employed.    Damon H. LTC US ARMY
  • World martial arts creates a warm and friendly environment. The instructors are caring and knowledgeable. Focus, respect, practice, and community are just a few lessons that are expressed during class. I recommend them to anyone who’s interested in martial arts!    Rae Jean Cohn
  • Sir Gregg has been a mentor and dear friend to me for over almost 15 years. In addition to his stellar record of highly qualified training, Sir Gregg provides his students with a realistic, well rounded set of tools for maintaining confidence to react toward any self defense situations. Everything that is taught at WMA has a true, real life working application. Additionally, and to me most importantly, Sir Gregg is one of the most genuine persons I have ever met and comes at my highest level of recommendation.    Gene Cilento
  • The most applicable defense training that I have experienced. The Air Force needs you to come to our school to demonstrate the effectiveness of these disciplines and the ineffectiveness of our current systems. M.S.
    M.S.  Air Force S.E.R.E Specialist
  • Tim F. SSG, USA Infantry Platoon Sergeant
    ASSAULTS has delivered a much needed approach to self-defense. Being an infantryman with multiple deployments; ADS has allowed me the ability to progress my soldiers understanding of self-preservation to the level that even our current hand to hand defense training does not address. By instilling the mentality ADS teaches, you begin to see new approaches to not being involved in a fight to begin with, however when you must resort to violence to survive, it ensures you see every advantage, every option, and gives you the skills, knowledge, and training necessary to end the fight as quickly as possible in your favor. The skills I’ve learned in the short time I’ve been attending ADS have quickly transitioned into my daily and military life. I have incorporated many techniques into my everyday training regimen with my soldiers and
    I have seen a marked improvement from our old combatives styles.
  • As a former member of the United States Air Force (USAF) Presidential Honor Guard in Washington DC, USAF Security Police Academy Graduate, US Army Airbase Ground Defense School (ABGD) Graduate and having lived in Japan for over six years where I observed various martial arts disciplines and training approaches, it has been a privilege to enroll my son in World Martial Arts where he has learned so much over the past 1 1/2 years. The highly-qualified, talented, internationally certified and endorsed Chief Instructor, Mr. Greg Loney, his wife Michelle and the other instructors are among the best in the nation. Their martial arts training program is innovative, high-caliber and takes it to the next level by consistently demonstrating and teaching: Honor, Integrity, Respect, Courage, Patriotism, Compassion, Humility, Focus, Self-Control and Commitment. As with the USAF SERE Program, other military branches, law enforcement agencies and many satisfied students and parents over the years, I highly recommend World Martial Arts to all prospective students and organizations.
  • Todd Larson, Olympia Washington




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